Special Guests

Lara Wegenaer Arts

From  Germany, 20 years old,  great to have her at El Mundo Fantasia!

We will receive a visit from a beautiful and beautiful cosplayer from Germany!

Cosplayer artist Lara Wegenaer Arts!

Lara takes you into the world of Cosplay with her beautiful creations. So do not miss her and a visit to her you will not forget!

Lara Wegenaer Arts is creating Cosplay, Art, Crafts and Make-Up!


Kyra Willekes, alias Gryphinic, is a young artist located in the Netherlands. She’s in love with creative processes, may it be drawing, making games or creating costumes: she’s in for it. Eager to learn new skills and become a better artist she’s always open for feedback and loves to work with people to combine everyone’s best features.

Awards & Prizes

  • 1st place | Living Lab Game Jam (Domas)
  • 1st place | All-Round Duo Winner Dutch Comic Con Winter 2017 (Athena & Janey)
  • 1st place | EZCosplay Compo (Maya)


Pretzl Cosplay

 Top! Van eigen Limburgse bodem een geweldige cosplayer!Pretzl Cosplay zal 2 dagen aanwezig zijn en is ook jurylid van de Costume Contest! Je kan haar niet missen met haar prachtige creaties!

Pretzl Cosplay is een cosplayer uit Limburg. Ze vindt het ontzettend leuk om gedetailleerde kostuums te maken.

Hierbij gebruikt ze uiteenlopende technieken en materialen. Hier schrijft ze ook graag boeken over, en die zijn dan ook op internet te vinden. Ook maakt ze digitale (naai- en harnas-) patronen om andere cosplayers te helpen met het maken van hun eigen kostuums.

De kostuums van Pretzl hebben meestal een fantasy thema omdat dat haar favoriete genre is.

Ze ontwerpt ook graag haar eigen kostuums. Soms gebaseerd op bestaande karakters, en soms gewoon helemaal zelf verzonnen.


Top! A great cosplayer from our own Limburg soil!

Pretzl Cosplay will be present for 2 days and is also a member of the Costume Contest! You can not miss her with her beautiful creations!

Pretzl Cosplay is a cosplayer from the Netherlands who loves to create detailed costumes.

She also loves to design her own costumes and even create designs for other cosplayers. She uses a lot of Worbla in her projects but also does some intricate sewing work.

The genre she loves most is fantasy, so most costumes are made with that theme in mind.

She even wrote tutorial books about cosplay and created some digital patterns to help other cosplayers to make their very own costumes.

Social media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pretzlcosplay

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pretzlcosplay


Predators – AVP Universe Germany

Hunting season has begun!

The predators (AVP Universe Germany​) are coming to El Mundo Fantasia!

Don’t be afraid ..these are the friendly ones…they won’t take your skulls!


Ilunaneko at El Mundo Fantasia! Wow!

Zij zal er zijn met haar eigen booth, waar ze meerdere geweldige costumes laat zien en natuurlijk zal ze zelf ook in haar creaties verschijnen. En zal zij ook vertegenwoordigd zijn in de jury voor de Costume Contest!

Ilunaneko (Ashley) heeft inmiddels ongeveer 80 kostuums gemaakt. Ze reist de wereld rond voor alle cosplay competitie.

Zo vertegenwoordigde ze Nederland in de Europese Cosplay Gathering in Parijs (2016), het Eurocosplay in Londen (2017) en zal dit jaar op World Cosplay Summit in Japan zijn!

She is very enthousiast to come to El Mundo Fantasia!

Hello! My name is Ashley, or Ilunaneko.

I have been making costumes since 2010 and have been able to experience the cosplay communities in a lot of European countries since then.

In 2012 i started competing in competitions, and i’m happy to get the chance to represent the Netherlands in the Eurocosplay, the European Cosplay Gathering and the World Cosplay Summit!
Next to my Cosplay hobby, i studied Theater Design, which fits perfectly with this amazing hobby!

I hope i get the chance to look at all your beautiful costumes up close and get to hear all the stories behind the costumes as well!



Steve Kay

Special steampunk guest with a very special vehicle!

From the UK, Manchester, Steve Kay is coming to El Mundo Fantasia!

You really want to see this! This VW is a piece of art!

My 1965 VW camper has been some 3 years in the making and still constantly changing evolving and improving. I am a classic car restorer by trade and this is my combination of two things I love…classic VWs and Steampunk.

My trusty VW camper is used all year round and has been seen at most big steampunk events and comic cons in the UK.

Its difficult using the van on a daily basis and still working on it making changes.

The concept of the steamwagon has been to envelope steampunk culture on and inside the classic camper with details over every single square inch to keep people constantly coming back and finding details that they missed or overlooked.

It has won at numerous shows and been in the national press and also immortalised in a upcoming book.

Every year further changes are carried out. This year we have a full chesterfield leather interior, automated Hurdy gurdy trunk and tesla fence.



Andy Fraser

Steampunk creator/artist Andy Fraser

Andy Fraser, steampunk builder extraordinaire, has won awards in countless countries and in 3 continents; From America to Kazakhstan!

He is the current European Steampunk Makers Champion. This year he will be showing his creations in The Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

He will not only be showing his amazing creations, but if you ask, he will also gladly share some of his tips, tricks and dirty little secrets as to how to become an award winning steampunk creator.

Nymeon Cosplay / Fantasy

Geweldig om ze elk jaar erbij te hebben! Ongelooflijk wat de “zusjes” elk jaar weer voor een prachtige kostuums weten te ontwerpen!

Al 3 jaar zijn ze betrokken bij de events van Twilight Fantasy Productions! Ook deze 3e editie zullen zij wederom als juryleden bij de Costume Contest present zijn!

Zo enthousiast zijn ze:

Hello, we are Nymeon cosplay/fantasy or Laura and Myra Clabbers. We are a sister costume making duo and we have been doing this since 2009.
We are the organizers for the Limburg cosplay fantasy Facebook group and love keeping track of the newest events.
We have been around for a while, almost a decade now, and entered and won some fantasy and cosplay prizes, so we have quite some experience in the field.
At past events we have been the judges like for example the Magic Fair and other Twilight Fantasy productions events.
Don’t be afraid to come say hi to us, and let us eat some vlaai together 😉
We look forward to see your beautiful creations and original acts at this third edition of El Mundo Fantasia.