Steve Kay – VW Steampunk
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25 mei 2019
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1 juni 2019

Steve Kay – VW Steampunk

Special steampunk guest with a very special vehicle!

From the UK, Manchester, @Steve Kay is coming to El Mundo Fantasia!

Vorig jaar lukte het door omstandigheden niet dat Steve er kon zijn! Dit jaar is hij erbij!

Dit wil je echt zien! Zijn Volkswagen bus is absoluut eens stukje kunst!

Bren zeker een bezoek aan Steve, je kan hem vinden in Area 8, Field of Activities!

Meer informatie:

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Voor de liefhebbers, hier de infotekst van Steve zelf!

My 1965 VW camper has been some 3 years in the making and still constantly changing evolving and improving. I am a classic car restorer by trade and this is my combination of two things I love…classic VWs and Steampunk.

My trusty VW camper is used all year round and has been seen at most big steampunk events and comic cons in the UK.

Its difficult using the van on a daily basis and still working on it making changes.

The concept of the steamwagon has been to envelope steampunk culture on and inside the classic camper with details over every single square inch to keep people constantly coming back and finding details that they missed or overlooked.

It has won at numerous shows and been in the national press and also immortalised in a upcoming book.

Every year further changes are carried out. This year we have a full chesterfield leather interior, automated Hurdy gurdy trunk and tesla fence.