Wupperdampf Laboratorium
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19 april 2019
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19 april 2019

Wupperdampf Laboratorium

The World of Steampunk!

Wupperdampf Laboratorium komt naar El Mundo Fantasia!

We krijgen deze 4e editie wederom een geweldig en groot internationaal steampunk kampement!

We gaan ze prsenteren! Als eerste kunnen we de fantastische steampunkgroep Wupperdampf Laboratorium uit Duitsland toevoegen!

Mis dit niet en bezoek het kampement met hun instrumenten en constructies en bekijk de mislukte experimenten….

Lees hun bericht! / Read their message!

Because of a failed experiment in the year 1886, our laboratory, seated in Wuppertal-Cronenberg, got catapulted through space and time in the year 2011.

Instantly our engineers and scientists began to try to bring us back in time again.

Machines got constructed, different instruments got tested and we learned the techniques of the 21st century.

Unfortunately we didn’t accomplished to travel back in time yet.

Therefore we try to establish contact to the local people at different markets ( or so called “Fantasyfestivals“ or “Conventions“).

Probably a qualified person in this day and age can help us with words and deeds.

Come and marvel at instruments and constructions out of an elapsed future!

See the failed experiments and their dubious results! Come on a time travel in the world of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells with us!

But pay attention! We’re not assuming responsibility for strange incidents.

Online tickets: https://goo.gl/Jb86ES