Dampfzirkus Papenburg
The Magic of Disney!
18 april 2018
18 april 2018

Dampfzirkus Papenburg

The World of Steampunk!

Dampfzirkus Papenburg komt naar El Mundo Fantasia!

We krijgen deze 3e editie een geweldig en groot internationaal steampunk kampement! Na België, Nederland kunnen we nu ook de fantastische steampunkgroep Dampfzirkus Papenburg uit Duitsland toevoegen!

Mis dit niet en bezoek het kampement met hun speciale uitvindingen!

Lees hun bericht! / Read their message!

Dampfzirkus Papenburg, a couple of people that call themselfes “Dampfzirkusfamily”.

They are crazy enough to travel through the time and collect all kinds of emqipment of all cultures,countries and centuries to create refurturistic machines and accessories, that work in phantastik ways.

To be curious and full of phantasy is the main thing, to be part of the magic company! Come here and find out!

The www.saloon ( whisky-water-wonder saloon) this backpack is able to turn water into whisky! Dont believe?

They also own a much more interessting thing: Big Walter!
Big Walter is able to turn water into 5 different drinks – just depending from the kind of music, you choose to inspirate the machine!

This is just a little collection of the Dampfzirkus-Couriousities!

We will bring a lot of extravaganicies! Promised!

Ben er bij en koop nu jouw Early Bird ticket > https://goo.gl/6AqA2L