ARRRR Pyrates @El Mundo Fantasia
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14 januari 2018
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14 januari 2018

ARRRR Pyrates @El Mundo Fantasia


El Mundo Fantasia presents: Pyrates!

ARRRR Let’s have some Pyrate fun!

Live on stage at Sunday 8 july!

More info:

Pyrates! are a sea faring band of musical marauders who’ve imposed their own brand of pirate themed electric folk rock music upon fellow pirates and unfortunate landlubbers not only in their own country but across the seas themselves. These able bodied bawdy balladeers, having left their native England, now sail from the shores of the Netherlands to many rowdy ports across the world. Armed with guitar, bass, drums and fiddle, these gentlemen of fortune perform in full pirate costume and sing all songs in the quay of ARRRR!

Pyrates! have requisitioned countless well-known folk tunes from sailors of ages past including songs of the sea, bawdy ballads, jaunty jigs, Irish ditties, sea shanties, drinking songs and arr’cappella folk tunes that’ll be sure to have you tapping your foot and singing along in no time!

Pyrates! have performed to tens of thousands o’ scurvy dogs at numerous festivals over the years, making a name for themselves in the festival scene across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. They’ve performed well over four hundred shows in 8 different countries across the globe!

Facebook: Pyrates!